Owe The IRS Unpaid Delinquent Taxes?

Owe Delinquent Taxes?  Learn 5 Ways a Tax Lawyer Can Help

Delinquent TaxesIf you owe unpaid delinquent taxes you may be wondering about the best way reduce your tax bill and to pay them off, etc. A tax lawyer can guide you through the process.

Here are five ways a tax lawyer can help with tax problems:

1) You can actually save money and avoid overpaying your delinquent taxes when you use a tax lawyer. Tax attorneys know which deductions you are entitled and they know legal strategies that may significantly reduce your delinquent taxes. In addition, the legal fees paid to your tax lawyer are generally tax deductible.

2) A tax lawyer will meet or talk to the IRS on your behalf. You can stop worrying about phone calls and dunning letters from the IRS. Once you are represented, the only time the IRS can make you appear and provide information is if they summons you. This is not very likely to happen.

3) Tax lawyers are familiar with the tax code. Sure, you can sift through the tax code on your own, but you’ll likely need to spend at least several hours locating the applicable tax law. I’m sure you’ve heard that the U.S. tax code is extremely complex—this is true. A tax lawyer knows the law and, more importantly, know how to apply the law to your best advantage to help with your tax problem.

4) If you owe delinquent taxes and/or are being hounded or audited by the IRS, your, tax attorney will represent you and guide you through the process to provide only information that is required by the IRS. Taxpayers that are not represented may inadvertently offer unnecessary information that may end up worsening their case.

If you owe delinquent taxes, a tax attorney may be able to work out a modification in your favor to pay less than you owe and/or to eliminate or reduce IRS penalties and stop the accruing interest.

Remember, Your Delinquent Taxes Problem Will Not Go Away By Itself….

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