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RE: IRS Back Taxes Problems Won’t Go Away!

Many taxpayers find themselves in a position where they can never pay off their IRS back taxes. But in today’s economy with the IRS increasing enforcement efforts it’s impossible to settle with the IRS (or is it?). Once you owe back taxes, Penalties and Interest to the IRS continues to GROW every single day. Tax problems can prevent you from ever owning a house or car. Banks won’t even talk to you with a Federal Tax Lien on your credit.

The older your IRS tax problems are, the bigger they will get.


The IRS Is Not Going Away!

They will use a variety of methods to collect IRS back taxes such as:

  • Phone Calls

  • Collection Letters

  • Tax Audits

  • Tax Levys

  • Tax Liens

  • Wage Garnishments

  • …and more

IRS Audit Letter
One of the most frightening things a taxpayer can get in the mail is an IRS Audit Letter. This is an official letter that says “Come on down to see us at the IRS office … or we’ll be out to see you. “Oh, and by the way, bring in every piece of paper you have for the for the last three years”.

The worst possibility is that the IRS auditor may add Penalties and Interest to be applied to your IRS back taxes that can be more than your annual income. And the stress and the time away from your job and family is sometimes overwhelming.

Can’t Afford the Tax Penalties?
Another common IRS  back taxes problem: The IRS assesses penalties to taxpayers for back taxes and all sorts of reasons. Even though the IRS works for us taxpayers, they will impose penalties is to punish you so you won’t do the same thing again. Well, in our opinion these penalties have gotten way out of control in many cases.

Bank Levy
One of the scariest things in the IRS arsenal is the bank levy A bank levy is used to collect IRS back taxes directly from your back accounts.

IRS Wage Garnishment (IRS Wagre Levy)
Imagine getting your paycheck only to find that the IRS has demanded your employer garnish your hard-earned wages to pay off your back taxes …and penalties.

Afraid to Answer the Telephone?
Taxpayers are being severely punished by tax penalties to the point of putting their families and themselves into extreme hardship. Some people with IRS tax problems stop opening their mail or taking phone calls from the IRS. (Big Mistake!)

Delinquent Returns?
Taxpayers who owe IRS back taxes often make the problem worse by not filing. Most people who fail to file tax returns are afraid of what will happen to them when they get back in the system—and they should be. Not having the money to pay your taxes is one thing, but failing to file your tax returns can get you into big trouble with the IRS!

Get Your Life Back.

Why Hire a Tax Professional?

The IRS is one of the most feared agencies in the United States. But, believe it or not, the IRS is nothing more than a government run collection agency to collect your back taxes—but some people fear them more than they do the police.

If you owe significant back taxes to the IRS you should seek the help of a tax professional.

Tax professionals can help you cut through the confusion, stress and red tape associated with dealing with the IRS. The IRS uses a variety of methods designed to intimidate you into paying the amount of back taxes that they think you owe. We will help you overcome your fear of the IRS you and to avoid falling prey to intimidation methods the IRS may use to force you to pay up more than you need to pay.

Tax Professionals can offer tax tips and confidential advice to legally get the IRS off your back once and for all. For example, they may be able to negotiate with the IRS for an offer in compromise tax settlement or IRS installment agreement so that you may end up paying much less back taxes than you expected.


Tax Professionals Will
Deal With The IRS For You!

  • Tax Professionals can Take All The Calls and Mail From The IRS and meet with the IRS at their office— Not At Your Home or Office. This allows you to continue on with your business and personal life and let them deal directly with your back taxes issues or to settle with the IRS.
  • Develop a Strategy to Stop the IRS – The IRS has guidelines, which allow many circumstances where the taxpayer is relieved of all penalties. There are a number of legal strategies such as a Request for Penalty Abatement” Offer in Compromise” “Installment Plans” “Uncollectible Designation” and more.
  • Start Negotiating to Settle Your IRS Back Taxes. The best time to handle an IRS problem is before the problem gets any bigger.
  • You Can Stop Hiding and Living In Fear – When you owe back taxes and have an IRS Problem don’t speak or meet with them personally. A tax professional can handle all correspondence and meetings with the IRS. This puts the IRS on notice that you are serious.
  • You Get You Life Back! – Avoid worrying about IRS problems by having our tax professionals take care of them. Get professional help with your IRS Problems.

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Waiting will not help you or your family

Do yourself a favor and take the 1st step to ending your IRS Problems. Get professional today and in a short time you could be enjoying life and not worrying about the IRS knocking at your front door.

Settle With The IRS!

Life is hard enough without added more trouble to it. The best solution is to face your problems head on. Don’t hide from your IRS back taxes, you may be able to settle with the IRS.